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This page was last updated on July, 2003

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"There are many plans in a man's heart, nevertheless the Lord's counsel, that will stand."  The Lord spoke to us in a very clear and profound way and indicated that we should stay here working with Gateway Christian Center for an extended season.  Please read our Current Newsletter for more detailed explanation of what the Lord has shown us.



God is doing so much here as well.  In addition to John's Associate Pastor duties, both John & I are now pastoring the youth and we believe God is going to develop their desire into a passion for Him. 


We also just finished our second WOW Jam!  Pastor Joe cast & provided the means for the vision and put John in charge of organizing it.  We brought churches and over 100 volunteers together.  We went to three parts of the inner city conducting massive concerts and over 1,100 people received Jesus as their Savior! 


The church is growing and we will be moving into a new building in a matter of weeks.




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