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Mission Ecuador

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Find anyone in the USA at Who Where.

Get Christian Books and more at bargain prices at Christian Book Distributors.

Check your weather at the Weather Channel.

Download AOL Instant messenger It is free and you will be able to see when your friends are online and can send an instant hello that will pop up on their screen even if you do not have AOL.

Curious how the dollar is doing against the yen or the Sucre etc..  Check out the Currency Converter.

Find out how your old high school friends are doing at Highschoolalumni It has a list of every High School in the U.S..

When visiting Dallas, get all your needs taken care of.  The Dallas concierge.

I am building a site for the church here in Ecuador.  It should be up in a couple weeks.  It will be

Another site I made She works with Charles & Frances Hunter.

AWESOME Check the Western Wall in Jerusalem Live!

Check out some Awesome Christian Sites.

Free Animated E-mails at Blue Mountain Art.

Check out this family safe magazine at Disney's Family.Com.

In my humble opinion, homeschooling is best! Check out Homeschooling WEB Stops for links providing helps and materials.

Check out New Ecuador Magazine, a cool bilingual web site.

For you creative ones, check out this 320 Free Clip Art Websites.

The links above are just a taste.  There's much more to come!

Sites For Kids

This site is Not Just For Kids.

Your kids will love the Official Veggie Tales Web Ring!

These Free Pooh Graphics are great for making crafts with your little ones.
Much more on the way!

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