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Over the years, my wife, Jackie, and I had ministered in various ways to a blind couple.  Tom and Vickie were both Christians, but their marriage eventually ended in a divorce.  My wife helped them and their children in many practical ways, such as in driving them places, painting their rooms, etc. 


Vickie, was born blind, but Tom had gradually become blind from glaucoma because he neglected to take his medicine on a regular basis.


About three years after my wife's death, I returned to Massachusetts and

found Tom begging on the main street of the city.  He was unshaven and

looked terrible!  His eyes were now glazed over with a milky white film and

his clothes looked like rags!  He was playing a small used concertina and

had the proverbial tin cup to receive donations!


Compassion welled up inside me as I identified myself.  Tom was overjoyed to "see" me again!  Then he told me something that really touched my heart!


Tom said that he was very sad and wept when he heard that my wife had died.  He could not go to the funeral, but he wanted to "do something for her!"  On the night of her funeral, he decided to go down to the community shelter, wake up the inhabitants, and tell them about his Christian friend who had just died.


He did tell them about Jackie and how much he appreciated what she had done for him and his family.  He said that she was an example of how a true Christian should live!  Then he gave a spontaneous altar call, and THREE HOMELESS PEOPLE ACCEPTED JESUS!!!


He kept repeating over and over, "I did it for Jackie!  I had nothing to

give, so I did it for Jackie!"


Tom was, and probably still is, an impoverished street beggar, but I believe

he gave the biggest and the best tribute to my wife's memory that anyone

could ever give!



Story by:  Robert Eldredge

 True Story