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As Christians, we are told by the apostle Paul to put on the whole armor of God and to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might!  But when the spiritual battle gets intense, I sometimes think about this inspirational story.


The leader of a medieval army was a very charismatic young man who had great strength and talent.  In addition, he had been training for a very long time.  His faith was strong and he was looking forward to the major battle that was ahead.


When the day came, he led his army into the battle with great enthusiasm and a mighty shout!  The others who followed him caught his fervor and joined with him in the shouts of anticipated victory!  The enemy was at first taken aback and fearful, but they resisted as best as they could.


Then the unthinkable happened.


The leader's sword hit an enemy's shield and the sword broke in two!  He immediately fell back in dismay and disbelief!  His army then started to lose hope as they saw their mighty leader fall back and begin to retreat.


"How could this have happened to me?!", the leader moaned!  "I have been training for months and I know I am in top physical condition!  But now instead of being honored as a hero, I am doomed to defeat and disgrace!"


But then something else happened.


An unknown soldier from the ranks who had lost his sword, saw the half of a sword lying on the ground.  He immediately picked it up and used it with all of his might and rallied the entire army to complete and final victory!


The moral of this story is that you may not have a lot of natural talent or

ability, but you can still use what God has given you with all of your strength!  And if you will rely upon the Lord Jesus Christ and take up his sword, which is the Word of God, he will always bring you into ultimate victory!


“The Sword”