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 True Story


“A Death Sentence”

  I went to the Doctor to get a check up before getting married to my soon to be wife, Jaci.  Instead of the normal physical I've grown used to in the past, the Doctor told me that the lump I felt in my abdomen was not a hernia by any means.  I noticed the lump a day or so prior to my physical, but just thought I strained myself working at Lockheed.  No such luck.  It was like a whirlwind from that moment on.  My Doctor sent me right in to see a specialist that afternoon.  I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in my lower abdomen.  From there I was whisked to St. Joseph's Hospital for exploratory surgery that evening.  Apparently, during the surgery, the biopsy they took of the growth left cancerous material leaking into my bloodstream.  Upon waking from operation number 1 I was lead into operation number 2 a few hours later to finish the process of removing the tumor altogether.   Waking from that operation, I was told that the cancer did indeed spread through my system and complications would follow...I had apparently gained six small tumors in my lungs.  Four in the left lung, Two in the right.  I was told to get my life business in order seeing as my cancer was in the 3rd stages of development.  That was a shock.  I was a very young Christian due to the persistence of my (soon to be) lovely wife and life partner Jaci.  I never knew how to pray, never had a one-on-one with God as I have since learned to do.  I was due to be married in the next few months, but I was told that I probably wouldn't make it unless I go through more radical surgery plus numerous doses of Chemotherapy.  That would lengthen my days on earth, but the prognosis wasn't good.  Do I have your interest now?  I elected to try anything, but at that point, I still didn't understand that I could go to my Heavenly Father for help...what a shame.  I got deeper into depression, I told my fiance that I did not want to go through with the wedding, I hated my looks, my body, myself.  Why me?  The Chemo took it's toll, and I wanted to get this over with.  I even put all of my pills in one pile, but thankfully the Lord was watching over me and I for whatever reason didn't have the guts to kill myself. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was so enraged, I broke it with my fists and fell to the ground in tears.  It was then that I gave God an ultimatum..."If you are as real as they say...If you care so *%$# much as they say...YOU have one shot to prove it to me!"  I shouted out to God because at that moment, I was at the end of my rope.  God likes this moment, he can then move the way he desires in your life.  "Give it to me Lord with both barrels" I said.  "Make me believe that YOU are real, or else!"  The next day Jaci made me promise to go with her, her mother and my parents to a healing service in Merrimack N.H.  I had never gone to one before since all of my life I was a cynic and  making me believe anything I couldn't see or touch was an act of Congress at best!  I had given up and it was God's last chance.  I was signed out of the hospital for a short while during this process, I went to the healing with 2000 other people in a large auditorium and sat there in pain, with the chills, feeling sorry for myself.  I hated everybody at this point.  The time came for the alter call and people got up from all over...not me.  I just sat there hating the world.  After a time passed when the Pastor was praying for people and the alter line seemed to dwindle, there came a sort of hush in the room.  People were lying in the Spirit all over the front of the alter.  People were praying in "Tongues".  I have never before seen or heard of any of this.  Again, another alter call was given for anyone else who wanted to accept the Lord or go for healing.  Again, I sat there.  FINALLY, Thank God, The Pastor, looking over the crowd, and straight into my eyes, said "YOU ASKED ME MY SON FOR ME TO PROVE MYSELF TO YOU THIS NIGHT...YOU ASKED ME TO GIVE IT TO YOU IN BOTH BARRELS...WELL HERE IT COMES!"  Like a flash of lightening, I went back into the crowd of chairs and was for the first time in the Spirit of our Lord.  I knew I was falling backwards, but for some reason I didn't care.  It was in a sort of slow motion.  I then remember that my surroundings seemed to vanish into a cloud of pure white light.  I felt wonderful, for the first time in many months of pain.  I then saw in front of me a Large, iridescent hand coming toward me.  I was enveloped in the hand and felt a burning sensation in my chest area.  As the Hand moved around me, then back away from me, I felt the pain of my six tumors leaving my lungs right in font of me...Four from the left lung, Two from he right.  A popping sound or sorts I heard as then were "sucked" out of my body and suspended in front of me.  They looked like little balls of dim light.  God's hand moved in a manner to dissipate the tumors and they disintegrated into nothing.  I then felt a warming sensation and found myself awake, and on the stage of the auditorium speaking in tongues and crying for joy, knowing that I was healed.  Upon going back to the hospital for my Chemo schedule the nest day, I asked my Doctor to take another xray of my lungs.  He reluctantly agreed.  You know the rest...He put the xrays up next to the ones I had taken only a week before.  The old set had the tumors very visible, like golf balls in each lung.  The new had no sign of anything in them!  Praise God Almighty!  My Physician then told me that he couldn't explain what had happened, but told me to keep on doing whatever it was I was doing!  THAT was the beginning of my relationship with MY God!  He heard my prayer and proved himself to me!  I've been truly HIS ever since.  I've been married for the last 13 years, have two wonderful children, a thriving business, GOD IS GOOD!  AMEN!!!!!