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It's A Jungle Out There!

go out "street witnessing".  During those times hundreds people were led to the Lord!  Glory to God!
For our stay in Lago Agrio our Pastor had set up meals for the group at a nearby road side restaurant.  We ate there twice a day for a couple of days.  As I began to get to know the owner, the Holy Spirit began prompting me to witness to him.  At that time I had not lead anyone to the Lord in Spanish.  I've always had a translator. But this time I didn't want one.  I knew, with the Holy Spirits help, I could do it myself. So, I asked the owner if I could talk to him and his wife.  After he called his wife over, I began to share the Gospel with them both.  The Holy Spirit brought to my mind a true story I once heard Evangelist Harold Bradenson share.
I told them the story how Harold Bradeson was driving down a dark road one night with his wife and they were almost out of gas.  A few miles later they saw a gas station on the other side of the road.  The only way to get back to it was to make an illegal U-turn or to drive twenty miles to the next exit.  After some discussion with his wife (against her request), he decided to make the illegal U-turn.  Sure enough a police car popped out of nowhere and pulled them over.  In the end, Harold Bradeson was made to go before the judge.  After the judge

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Written by John Eldredge
This title is especially true when the jungle out there is an actual jungle.  Recently, I led a group of young people from Comunidad De Fe Church in Quito on a missions trip to the jungle.  There were thirteen of us crammed into a small van for an 8 hr. drive (that turned out to be 12 hrs.) through mountainous dirt roads. It was quite an interesting trip, considering the last time I visited the jungle we flew. However, this time around I had plenty of time to think back to that lovely thirty minute flight I took years ago as I tried to get comfortable on that long bumpy road.  On the bright side, the long trip gave us a good opportunity to get to know each other.J
When we finally arrived in Lago Agrio we met up with some of the pastors from Comunidad de Fe and our guest speaker, Diana Radabaugh of
Because He Lives Ministries.  It was our job to help set up the crusades in the jungle towns of Lago Agrio and in Coca.  Each day during our time in the jungle, the group and I would

Dear Friends and Family:
One of Quito's 9 volcanos, Mt. Guagua Pichincha, is on the move again!  On October 7, at     approx. 7:20 AM, three consecutive explosions swept dust, gas and ash into the air.  Right now, Mt.Pichincha remains at yellow alert.               
John captured the last explosion on video from right outside of our home.  The kids and I watched as well, but from inside of coarse.  Our home is actually near the top of the hill way in the distance, a lot closer than this photos shows. Though it was a little scary, I have to admit it was an awesome sight to see!   
F.Y.I. -  John's missionary trip to the jungle and a lot more will be featured in next year's "Mission Ecuador: Year In Review" video.   We will keep you updated regarding it's FREE release.
John and I want to express our appreciation to those who have been faithful to this ministry in LOVE, SUPPORT, and most importantly, in
PRAYER.  We know that a strong foundation of prayer is both powerful and crucial in achieving GOD'S ministry.  From the bottom of our hearts, blessings and many thanks!       
                                       - JoAnna

Victory Christian Academy

tumes, music, dancing, great set designs (which John is assisting with) and a couple of cool special effects. John will also be video taping the entire performance.
Just recently, I was made the director of the English Dept.  So between researching curriculums, meetings with  teachers, teaching, and rehearsals I truly have my work cut out for me.  However, I know through Christ, I can do all things!

Written by JoAnna Eldredge

Classes are in session and I'm teaching English full-time to grades 1, 4 and 6. Danny and David are also attending Victory Christian Academy part-time.
This year V.C.A. will be putting on a dramatic presentation of "
The Prince of Egypt", scheduled the day after Thanksgiving.  Because it's a bilingual school, the student's performance will be entirely in English.  The play will also include cos

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