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  "It's a Jungle " (continued from page 1)

discovered that he was a minister and knowing he did not have much money, began to have compassion on him.  Though the judge wanted to let him off the hook. He knew because he had taken an oath to uphold the law, he could not just "let it go".  The judge explained to Harold that it was his duty to give him a fine.  The judge then told Harold Bradenson, "I am going to give you the fine because it's the law however, I will pay it for you!"  This is the true story I told to the restaurant owner and his wife.  I explained that this is exactly what Jesus did for us.  God cannot accept us into heaven with our sins.  Our sins are, in a way, like millions of "traffic tickets" that we are unable to pay, but Jesus has already paid the "fine" of death for us on the cross.  I continued explain Jesus' work on the cross and how to receive Him as their Savior and Lord.  I admit near the end I did have a little help with a few words  in Spanish, but I did the majority of the witnessing in Spanish.  Thanks to Jesus, the restaurant owner and his wife DID pray with me to receive Him as their Savior and Lord!  That night they both came to the healing service and the restaurant owner was healed of his back problem.  The picture below was taken right after he received his healing.   Many others were healed and testified during that crusade in Lago Agrio.  All the praise goes to God!  Since my trip to the jungle, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have led many more people to the Lord

entirely in Spanish!
JoAnna and I ask that you join us in prayer for those who received Christ in the jungle.  Please pray that each one of these new Christians will be well rooted in "good soil" and that a firm foundation in God's Word will be laid in each of their lives.
We did get some leisure time during our trip.  There's a place in Lago Agrio right behind a jungle hotel that is famous for it's population of monkeys.  One day after we had finished swimming we decided to check out the monkeys.  We found a few of them.  They were very friendly and were climbing all over us!  To the  left is a pic of me chatting with JoAnna on a friend's cell phone (
cell phones are common because it can takes years to get a "land line").  JoAnna was two miles high in the Andes mountains, while I was below in the jungle with a "monkey on my back".  After Lago Agrio we traveled on to another jungle town called Coca, where many more people were healed and accepted Jesus as Lord!
There was one part of the journey that was especially fun for me.  The bridge that crosses the river had been out for a while and the nearest bridge was over 3 hours away. We had to take our van across on a ferry to get to get to the other side .  I wanted to do something fun, so I waited until the very last second before jumping onto the ferry with the rest of the group.  I almost caught the river, one more inch and I would have been fish food! 

Prayer Requests:

  • For those new Christians, that they will be cared for and nourished in the churches they have been planted in.
  • For more people committed to supporting this ministry on a  monthly basis.
  • For a much needed car.

Praise Reports:

  • For the HUNDREDS of souls that were saved in the jungle towns of  Lago Agrio and Coca!
  • For how God moved in power, with signs and wonders following during the jungle crusades!

Love and all Christ's blessings!

Until All Have Heard,

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